Does a short lifeline mean a short lifespan?

Does a short lifeline mean a short lifespan?
The lifeline is something a person is born with and originates in the womb. Fetuses in the womb tend to clench their fists in two ways: with the thumb inside the four fingers, or with the thumb outside the four fingers.

During an ultrasound, if a fetus is seen clenching its fist only partially, doctors can tell that there may be a lack of oxygen in the womb. If a fetus’s hand is open, it indicates that the fetus may have died from a lack of oxygen. The tighter the fetus clenches its fist, the deeper the lifeline on the palm will be, and the depth of the indentation on the lifeline is related to the quality of the amniotic fluid in the womb.

If a fetus experiences oxygen deprivation in the womb, their fist may not clench as tightly, resulting in a shallower lifeline that may be shorter due to the lack of an indentation. People with shorter lifelines may be more prone to kidney weakness and related diseases like kidney stones.

The solution is for men to consume more ginseng and for women to supplement with Angelica sinensis. Additionally, chewing on goji berries, eating seafood, apples, red dates, and Ba Zhen cake twice a day can help adjust and improve thinner and shorter lifelines.

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