Zodiac Signs of Six-Harming 

1. Horse vs Ox

Horses are adventurous and romantic idealists. And “stability, diligence, and steadfastness” are the innate labels of ox people. If the ox and horse people are together, the personality incompatibility will become more obvious, and the love will disappear in the quarrel again and again.

To resolve the relationship between the two, you can place some lucky ornaments in the northeast or southeast of the bedroom, such as dragon-phoenix mirrors or oil paintings. In addition, you can also put some ornaments related to snakes, roosters, or dogs at home, and wear the zodiac Buddha.

The dragon-phoenix mirror
The zodiac Buddha for Horse

2. Goat vs Rat

Goat people and Rat people are quite different in character and living habits, one is gentle and romantic, and the other is serious and practical. Their values do not match, and it is more difficult to communicate. If two people get married, there will be a lack of a warm atmosphere in the family, and it is difficult to get a sense of security.

Introducing a compatible zodiac sign between two mutually harmful zodiac signs can effectively resolve the problems. For example, the horse and the goat are in the six-harmony, and the rat and the ox are in the six-harmony. As long as there is a zodiac ox or horse among family members, mutual harm can be effectively resolved. If there is no such zodiac in the family members, you can place zodiac mascots, such as ox or horse to resolve.

3. Snake vs Tiger

Both the Snake and the Tiger have strong self-awareness. In case of disagreement, both of them will not compromise, it will be difficult to communicate, and eventually, they will be physically and mentally exhausted. The snake and the tiger are “harmful to each other” in Chinese zodiac signs. The solution is to put the mascot of horses or roosters in the house. Or wear accessories with you, snakes wear roosters or ox charming, tigers wear horses or dog charming.

When choosing a wedding date, choose the auspicious date according to the zodiac sign, like Chou, Wu, and Xu day in the lunar calendar. For example, the Chinese lunar date corresponding to Sep 26, 2022, is Ren-Yin(year, 壬寅), Ji-You(month, 己酉), Ren-Wu(day, 壬午), so Sep 26, 2022, is Ren(壬) day. Snakes can find a best man or bridesmaid whose zodiac is a Rooster or Ox, and Tigers can find a best man or a bridesmaid whose zodiac is a Horse or Dog.

The day of Sep 26, 2022, is Ren-Wu(壬午)

4. Dragon vs Rabbit

Dragon people have a domineering attitude towards their lovers and like to occupy an absolute leadership position in the family. Rabbit people seldom express their own opinions, and are always used to taking the overall situation into consideration and focusing on everyone’s preferences.

However, it is difficult to maintain long-term stability in a relationship when one is too compelling.

To resolve the harmful relationship between the pair of zodiac signs, the dragon and the rabbit both need to wear the five-element amulet that is beneficial to both, or they can be placed in a fixed position at home, which can calm evil spirits, gather energy and calm the mind. Note that the amulet cannot be given to others.

The five-element amulet


5. Rooster vs Dog

Rooster and dog are “harming each other”. The perfectionism of the rooster can make the dog feel more restrained. As for character, both of them are very frank. When there is a quarrel, no one is willing to bow their heads first but will fight back with their own words, causing the relationship gradually go cold, and eventually break up.

Snake, Ox, Tiger or Horse can be used to alleviate the harm between roosters and dogs, such as by placing or wearing these zodiac ornaments, and making friends who belong to these zodiac signs. The solution for couples is to choose an auspicious date with Si, Chou, Yin and Wu when choosing a wedding day. If your zodiac is a dog, find a best man or a bridesmaid whose zodiac is a tiger or a horse. If your zodiac is a rooster, find a best man or a bridesmaid whose zodiac is a snake or an ox.

6. Pig vs Monkey

The monkeys and the pigs are “Shen Hai mutual harm” in Chinese numerology. Monkey people and Pig people do not have enough tacit understanding, the relationship is tense, and it is difficult to share interests. The monkey is particularly assertive and likes a romantic and idealistic life. Pig people like to be down-to-earth in speaking and doing things, and yearn for a peaceful life. The two have quite different outlooks on career, life and values. If come together, they may not have too many common topics and hobbies, and life will become boring.

The solution is to choose the auspicious days of Zi, Chen, Mao and Wei when choosing the marriage date. Similarly, they can place the mascot of a rat, or rabbit at home or wears the charm of the rat or rabbit zodiac. The monkey wears the rat charm and the pig wears the rabbit charm.

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