Auspicious Tips for Fan Tai Sui

Tai Sui amulet

You can ask for an amulet to appease Tai Sui (Grand Duke). For those who are offending or will offend Tai Sui, it is recommended to carry Tai Sui amulets. You can pray at a temple or your religious places of worship and ask for an amulet. Many temples also provide protective blessing cards before the new year comes.

The Tai Sui amulet is designed for carrying. You can put a Tai Sui amulet into your wallet or purse to pray for a smooth year and give yourself protection for the whole year.

Hide Tai Sui

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, Tai Sui arrives at the first solar term of the new year, which is Li Chun(立春). On Li Chun day, people should “hide from spring”, that is, when Tai Sui arrives, avoid making loud noises or going out. It is best to stay at home and avoid meeting strangers.

Wear a mascot

When offending Tai Sui, people can improve their fortune by wearing mascots. In traditional folklore, those who offend Tai Sui are advised to wear zodiac ornaments to dispel evil spirits. People can choose to wear their own natal Buddha or a pendant that matches their zodiac.

It should be noted that the zodiac ornament you wear is not your own zodiac, but the most compatible zodiac signs with you, such as your “Six-harmony” and “Three-harmony” zodiac signs. And the “six-harmony” zodiac is the first choice because it has a stronger effect of dispelling evil spirits and greater supportive power.

“Three-harmony” zodiac sign for snakes
“Three-harmony” zodiac sign

Many kinds of crystals and lucky gems have effects. You can choose some according to your own birth chart. Regarding the material, jade can be used for all zodiac signs. Those born in spring and summer can also choose gold and silver materials at the same time, while those born in autumn and winter are not suitable for gold and silver.

In Chinese, tourmaline is a homonym for warding off evil spirits, so it is also regarded as the main ornament to exorcise evil spirits. Tourmaline can bring good luck to the person who wears it.

Amulet Tourmaline

Do more good deeds

People can resolve the unfavourable factors brought by Tai Sui by accumulating virtue and doing good deeds.

Usually, if a friend or colleague around you encounters difficulties, you can try to help others as much as possible.

Some people also choose to reintroduce species or adopt stray animals or make charitable donations in the year they offend Tai Sui. This is also a way of doing good deeds.

Free Fish

Avoid investing and job hopping

In the year of Fan Tai Sui, people’s careers, luck and wealth are easily affected, so this year should be stable and conservative. Don’t think about making a lot of money this year.

In the face of large investments or opportunities such as changing careers and job-hopping, you should consider it carefully, otherwise, it is likely to bring losses.

Avoid gossip

It is inevitable that there will be some troubles in social interaction, but in the year of Fan Tai Sui, you should pay special attention to avoiding disputes with others. This year, everyone should keep a low profile, and be patient even if they are provoked by others. If there is an argument or conflict with others, it is likely to cause serious consequences.

Avoid long-distance travel

The year of offending Tai Sui is not only troublesome but also prone to health problems. Therefore, this year, people should avoid long-distance travel, such as business trips, tourism, studying abroad, etc. While these are good things, they can also put a burden on health if people are bad luck.

For those who offend Tai Sui, pay special attention to traffic safety when driving, and do not drive under fatigue.

In the year of Tai Sui, it is advisable to be stable and quiet and not change. Do not change school or careers, try to exercise regularly, and minimize unnecessary social interactions.

Avoid funerals and hospital visits

Funerals and hospitals are the hotspots for evil spirits. When you offend Tai Sui, You should avoid attending funerals and visiting patients at the hospital, which would exacerbate the situation.

On the contrary, you can attend more joyous events like weddings, celebrations, and birthday parties to improve your luck.

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