Do You Offend the Tai Sui This Year?

If you are into Chinese Astrology, have you heard about the concept of Tai Sui?

In Chinese folklore, Tai Sui is the abbreviation of Tai Sui God and It’s also a term in Chinese astrology. Tai Sui is in charge of the good and bad luck of the year. Offending Tai Sui (Fan Tai Sui) is a common term used by people when encountering difficulties or for bad things happening in some zodiac year.

The largest planet 

Before we talk about Tai Sui, we need to learn about Sui Xing. Sui Xing is the name of “Jupiter” in ancient China. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter is the fourth brightest star in the sky, after the Sun, Moon and Venus. When we look at the stars at night, Jupiter is the second brightest planet after Venus. It is easy to observe, so it has become an important role for people to observe astrology.

Largest Planet

Jupiter has the largest volume and mass among the eight planets in the solar system. It has an extremely huge mass, more than 2.5 times that of the other seven planets combined, 318 times that of the Earth, and 1,321 times that of the Earth.

Vacuum Cleaner of Solar System 

Astronomers believe that Jupiter’s strong gravity helps the asteroids of the Asteroid belt to be in their position and it also captures the asteroids flying through it hence known as the “Vacuum Cleaner” of the Solar System.

If Jupiter goes out of orbit then the chance of an Asteroid falling on Earth will increase because on Terrestrial Planets Earth has the strongest gravity so it will cause an impact on Earth.

The important point is that Jupiter’s strong gravitational force has intercepted 99% of asteroids and comets from outside the solar system and inside the solar system that may pose a threat to the earth, creating a safe environment for the evolution of life on earth.

Without Jupiter, there would be no life on Earth. Without Jupiter, even life on Earth would not have existed for long. Jupiter is the protective umbrella of Earth. The biggest influence on the earth is the sun, followed by the moon, and third is Jupiter.

Tai Sui history

Jupiter was also known as Tai Sui in ancient China. At least two thousand years ago in the Qin and Han Dynasties, Jupiter was regarded as the incarnation of the lucky star by the Chinese people. History books clearly record that Suixing was the star official in charge of agriculture.

Tai Sui Dian

During the Qin and Han Dynasties, there was a special temple to worship Tai Sui, and this sacrificial system continued until the Qing Dynasty. Now there is a hall in Beijing to worship Tai Sui. In the autumn of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the emperors would lead civil and military officials to hold ceremonies here to pray for pleasant weather and good harvest.

The ancient Chinese also found that Jupiter’s revolution period is close to 12 years (11.86 Earth years), so 12 years is regarded as a period of Jupiter. Each year in a 12-year period has different changes, and one year is one-year-old, so Jupiter is also known as Tai Shi which is inviolable.

People often say that they dare not break ground on Tai Sui’s head. In astrology, it is reflected in the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, and it is usually believed that there will be disasters. Therefore, Jupiter is also considered to be the lucky star, the god of destiny.

Offend the Tai Sui 

The zodiac sign has some unfavourable relationships with the Tai Sui of the year, which is generally referred to as Fan Tai Sui. There always are several zodiac signs that offend Tai Sui every year. It means that one’s zodiac sign is incompatible with the zodiac sign of the year. For example, in the year of the tiger in 2022, those whose zodiac signs are snake, monkey, pig and tiger offend Tai Sui.

Fan Tai Sui Signs

Usually, people who offend Tai Sui will be affected by the magnetic field of Tai Sui, which causes bad fortunes in various aspects, such as wealth, career, study, health, popularity, marriage, love, etc.

Different Kinds Of “Fan Tai Sui”

There are different kinds of “Fan Tai Sui”, including conflict, harm, break, punishment, and sit(Zhi).

The five zodiac signs that Fan Tai Sui in 2023 are Rooster, Rat, Dragon, Horse, and Rabbit itself.

2023 Fan Tai Sui Zodiac Signs

Let’s list down the interaction of the earthly branches:

  • Rooster has a Six-Conflict/Clash relationship with Rabbit.
  • The horse has a Six-Harm relationship with Rabbit.
  • Rat has a “Punishment” relationship with Rabbit.
  • The rabbit itself is what we call ‘Sitting’ on the Tai Sui. When your Zodiac sign is the same as the current year like your zodiac is a rabbit and 2023 is also a rabbit year, then you ‘sit’ the Tai Sui.
  • Horse has a six-break relationship with Rabbit.

Different types of Fan Tai Sui can be differentiated in severity because different zodiac signs are not necessarily affected in the same way. Each person’s Ba Zi chart and fortune are different and need to be analyzed in detail.

Generally speaking, if you learn that your zodiac sign would offend the Tai Sui of next year, just be prepared for some significant change to happen, especially if you conflict with the Tai Sui because these effects are usually strong which you’ll definitely feel.

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