Top 10 Wealthiest Signs in China Rich List

The Top 10 Wealthiest Chinese Zodiac Sign Rank According to Hurun China Rich List

In Chinese numerology, luck plays a vital role in attracting money. How rich and good fortune you can get is linked with your zodiac animal sign.

The 2021 Hurun Rich list, analyzed the birthdate of each of the top 100 billionaires and found Rabbit is the most common zodiac sign. Rabbit has performed the best for ten consecutive years, with the most rabbits among the entrepreneurs on the list. And, if your Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit, then you’re more likely to become a billionaire. Lucky for you!

Dog and snake remain second and third. The Rat is still the worst performer, and the ox is also a poor performer, ranking second to last.

Hu Run said: “Although there are the most rabbits, the zodiac signs of the top three billionaires are horse and pig. The notable billionaires include Zhong Shanshan with the zodiac of the horse, Zhang Yiming, and Ma Huateng with the zodiac of the pig.

Table Chinese Zodiac Sign rank according to the 2021 Hurun China Rich List

Here are the wealthy zodiac signs ranked in the Huron Rich List.

1. Rabbit

The largest number of Chinese billionaires is the zodiac sign of the rabbit.

The number of billionaires: 78

Famous Rabbit billionaires: Liu Yonghao 

Liu is the founder and Chairman of New Hope Group, the biggest animal feed producer in China. Liu’s net worth is about 8.5 billion USD in 2022.

New Hope Group also has interests in the food, dairy and real estate and chemicals sectors. The group had a revenue of more than 110 billion yuan in 2020.

2. Dog 

The second zodiac sign is the dog.

The number of billionaires: 67

Famous Dog billionaires: Wang Wei was born in 1970, with a net worth of 23.8 billion USD.

Wang is the founder and chairman of SF Express, which is China’s largest parcel delivery company with more than 21,000 service outlets across China. It’s also known as the “FedEx of China”.

3. Snake

The third zodiac sign is the snake.

The number of billionaires: 64

Famous Snake billionaire: Qin Yinglin 

Qin is the chair and president of the pig farming company Muyuan Foodstuff and the world’s richest farmer.

He was born in 1965, with a net worth of 22.5 billion USD.

Muyuan’s main business is pig breeding, and it also engaged in feed processing, pig breeding, pig slaughtering and other business development in coordination with the main business. It’s the country’s largest pig breeder.

4. Dragon

The third zodiac sign is the Dragon.

The number of billionaires: 62

Famous Dragon billionaire: Ruan Liping was born in 1964 and with a net worth of 6.43billion USD.

Ruan cofounded Chairman of Bull Group with his brother Ruan Xueping, who is also a billionaire. Ruan is a fan of the NBA Chicago Bulls, so named his company “Gongniu” which is for “Bulls” in Chinese.

Bull Group is a maker of electrical sockets and switches in China, focusing on civil electrical products with converters, wall switches and sockets.

5.  Horse

The fifth zodiac sign is the horse.

The number of billionaires: 59

Famous Horse billionaire: Zhong Shanshan (Chairman of Nongfu Spring), who was born in 1954 and has a net worth of 63 billion USD and is also among the top ten in the world.

Zhong has created well-known domestic beverage brands such as Nongfu Spring, and Nongfu Orchard. The market value of Zhong Shanshan’s other company,  Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy Enterprise (Wantai Bio) exceeded 100 billion.

6. Monkey

The sixth zodiac sign is the monkey.

The number of billionaires: 58 with over 10 billion. 

Famous Monkey billionaire: Huang Zheng(Colin Huang) was born in 1980, with a net worth of 22.2 billion USD.

Huang is the founder and the former chairman of online discounter Pinduoduo(known as PDD), the fastest-growing big e-commerce operator in China. PDD had 8687 million active users in 2021 and reported a revenue of 14.6 billion USD.

7. Tiger

The seventh zodiac sign is the tiger.

The number of billionaires: the number of tens of billionaires is 57

Famous Tiger billionaire: Xu Rongmao (founder of Shimao Group), who was born in 1950 and is the founder and chairman of Shimao Property. According to Forbes in 2021, his net worth is estimated at 10.3billion USD.

Shimao Group has deployed more than 140 core development cities across the country, involving real estate, commerce, property management, hotels, theme entertainment, education, high-tech and other industrial fields. Xu is estimated to be one of the largest property developers in Shanghai. 

8. Rooster

The eighth zodiac sign is the Rooster.

The number of billionaires: 55 millionaires with more than 10 billion

Famous Rooster billionaire: Lei Jun (founder of Xiaomi Technology), who was born in 1969 and with a net worth of about 12 billion USD. 

Xiaomi is one of the largest smartphone and consumer electronics companies in the world.

9. Pig

The ninth place is the pig.

The number of billionaires: the number of 10 billionaires is 54

Famous Pig billionaire: Ding Lei, also known as William Ding who was born in 1971, is the founder and CEO of NetEase (163. com). The net worth of Ding lei is 30.1 billion USD.

NetEase is an internet service provider, best known for games like Overwatch and Westward Journey and email systems with more than 500 million users. The company reported a revenue of $135.6 billion in 2021.

10. Goat

The tenth place is the goat.

The number of billionaires: 50 people with tens of billions of people. 

Famous Goat billionaire: Wang Xing (the founder of Meituan), who was born in 1979, with a net worth of about 16.4 billion USD. 

Meituan is a platform for eating, drinking, travelling, shopping, and entertainment. At present, the company’s market value has reached 2.6 trillion.

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