The Best Career For Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Each of the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs belongs to one of the five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These elements have a vital impact on a person’s basic characteristics, preferences, careers, jobs, businesses, and professions. hence, one should get into a career that is suitable for him/her in order to be successful in their professional field.

Note: The five elements corresponding to your Chinese zodiac sign do not indicate that you need to increase/decrease or strengthen/weaken this element. For example, your Chinese zodiac sign is a snake, and the snake corresponds to the fire element, but it does not mean that your fire element is weak or strong. Specifically, which five elements you need to increase/decrease require specific calculation by your birth chart.

12 zodiac signs corresponding to the orientation

The Career Options corresponding to the five elements of each zodiac are listed below.

Tiger, Rabbit

The five elements of The Tiger and Rabbit belong to wood, Tiger is located in the northeast, and Rabbit is located in the east.

Career Options for Wood element:  They do well in Woodworking, a Wood-related field that depends on plants and other natural materials, the Publishing Industry, Fashion Industries, the Healthcare Industry, Arts and Artistic industry, and Fields that involves creative, Artistic, or Spiritual Expression, such as Forestry Worker, Furniture Frame Assembler, Cabinet maker, Wood machinist, Carpenter, Gardener, Farm Worker, Book, Newspaper, or Magazine Writer, Editor/Publisher, Content Producer, Publishing Coordinator, Librarian, Bookstore Assistant, Art Gallery administrator, Fashion Designer, Multimedia & Graphic Design, Teachers, Professors, Educators, Administrative Assistant, Doctor, Nurse, Pharmacist, Herbalist, and Clerical job, Society and Culture Jobs, Fundraising Coordinator, Mass Communication, Mentor, Astrology advisor, etc.


Snake, Horse

Based on the Chinese five elements, the zodiac signs of snake and horse belong to the element of fire. The snake is located in the southeast, and the horse is located in the south.

Career Options for Fire element: They are more suitable for the Optoelectronic field, the Electric power industry, the Oil & gas industry, the Chemical industry, and some fields that depend on heat or light, or create heat or light, such as Electric Engineer, Energy Engineer, Drilling & Well Servicing Engineer, Drilling Rig Crews, Petroleum Well Engineer, Optometrist, Photographer, Cook, Hotel catering, Pyrotechnician for fireworks displays, Performing art, Actor, etc.


Ox, Dragon

The five elements of The Ox and Dragon both belong to the wet earth. the cow is located in the northeast, and the Dragon is located in the southeast.

Career Options for Earth element: both of two are more suitable for wet soil or water-related industry, involving Geology and Agriculture Field, Mineral Processing Field,  Shipping and Logistics, Tourism Industry, Legal Industry, such as Environmental Geologist, Geoscientist, Logistics Coordinator, Logistics Specialist, Aquaculture worker, Tourist Guide, Driver, Wholesaler,  Salesman, Lawyers etc.


Goat, Dog

The five elements of the goat and dog belong to dry earth. The goat is located in the southwest, and the dog is located in the northwest.

Career Options for Earth element: These two are more suitable for dry earth or fire-related industry including Optoelectronic Field, Chemical Industry, Electric Power Industry, Hospitality Industry, Real Estate and Property Industry, and Entertainment Industry, such as Real estate brokers and agencies, Strata Manager, Property Manager, Optoelectronics Engineer, Microelectronics Assembly Technician, Optoelectronic Test Technician, Chemical Engineer, Ceramic/Thermal Process Development Engineer, Optical Metrology Engineer, Ceramic Engineer,  Landscaper and Gardener.


Monkey, Rooster

Based on the Chinese Five Elements, the zodiac signs of monkey and rooster belong to the element of fire. The monkey is located in the southwest, and the rooster is located in the west.

Career Options for Metal element: They do well in the metal-related industry, information industry, gemmology industry, finance industry, and metal industry, military field involves Army or Air Force, such as Software Developer, Programmer, Accountant, Banking Consultant, Mortgage Manager, surgeon, dentist, welder, metal worker, model worker, machinist, mechanical designer; policeman, console, military law enforcement, traffic control, artillery operator, Lab Gemologist, Gemstone Appraiser, Gem Manufacturing, Custom cutting and design, Gemstone Jeweller, Jewelry Appraiser.


Pig, Rat

The five elements of The pig and rat belong to water. Pig is located in the northwest, and rat is located in the north.

Career Options for Water element: They are more suitable for Aquatic Field, Transport & Logistic Field, Trade Field, Tourism Field, Import and Export Field and fluent occupations like Arts, Culture, Theatre, Dance, and Entertainment industries, such as Swimmers, Lifeguard / Pool Attendant, Swimming Teacher, Aquatic Ecology Technician, Aquarist, Naval Architect, Fisherman, Hydrologist, Oceanographer, Ship Captain, Fish Biologist, Tradesman, Journalist, Tourist Guide, driver, Trade communication and support Manager, Trade Marketing Executive, Wholesalers,  Salesman etc.


Note: the five elements of firefighting belong to water as they use water and tools to put out the fire, not to create it.

As society becomes more diversified, many industries become more complex, and it’s difficult to distinguish some cross-industries with a single five elements. For example, a department store may contain more than two industry categories. The five elements of the coffee shop contain both fire and water.

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