The Incompatible Chinese Zodiac Signs

Have you ever wondered why you so enjoy staying with some people while others you can’t seem to put up with? Finding people compatible with you isn’t easy at all, instead, the painful thing that can happen in relationships is that you have to get along with a person you are absolutely not compatible with. 

Below are analyzed the incompatible Chinese zodiac signs with yours to help you stay away from them and offer some advice.

1. Six conflicts/clash zodiac signs(六冲, Liu Chong)

The relationship of the least compatible between zodiac signs is called six conflicts. Your six-conflict zodiac sign is the Least Compatible Zodiac Sign For Your Sign. There are six pairs of six-conflict zodiac signs, just like the Six-Harmonies pairs. But these pairs have opposite personalities and tend to have serious disagreements or arguments. 

in Chinese astrology, conflict interaction means clash, contradiction and fight, which is the strongest one in the relationship between the zodiac signs. The conflict/clash represents change. Most numerology masters will advise you to avoid the age gap of 6 years between couples cos it will clash. Conflicting also represents action, and movement in Chinese numerology, corresponding to going abroad, moving, changing jobs and so on.

Generally speaking:

  • If you are in conflict with your partner’s zodiac sign, your relationship will be hard to be harmonious, and your marriage perhaps won’t last long.
  • If you are in conflict with your family, family members may be indifferent, and the family is not harmonious;
  • If you are in conflict with your friends, your popularity is weak, your friendship is not firm, and you may even be betrayed;
  • If you are in conflict with your colleagues, you will be uneasy at work, you might experience gossip a lot, get less rewards and difficult to get promoted.

However, six-conflict pair signs sometimes attract each other and tend to experience very powerful feelings for each other. “opposites attract” is quite an accurate statement for this relationship. Even so, with such a huge difference, they may get close for a while. When the spark fade and completely disappear, they may ultimately separate.

The Six Conflict’s pairs are spaced six years apart, as below:

Liu Chong

The zodiac signs on the diagonal conflict with each other

2. Six-harming zodiac signs(六害, Liu Hai)

The six-harming relationship of the Chinese zodiac refers to the harming between the twelve earthly branches.

Six-harming relationship, also known as penetration trauma, means mutual harm. People with six harming in their Ba-Zi(four pillars, component of the year, month, day, and hour of birth) generally have conflicts and disharmony with their relatives. Or have poor fortune and unhealthy health, it is difficult to achieve aims despite working hard and there are always people undermining them.

It seems to be harmonious on the surface, but in fact, there are many inner contradictions, and the conflict of interests has never ended. 

The Six Conflicts refer to direct clashes, conflicts and fights. The Six Harms refer to often slow, long-term, and far-reaching injuries. Generally speaking, the Six Conflicts are mainly due to sudden disasters, and the Six Harm is mainly the occurrence of diseases.

Liu Hai

The Six Harming pairs include

3. Three-punishment zodiac signs(三刑, San Xing)

The punishment of the zodiac refers to the great incompatibility between different zodiac signs, which means infliction, injury, self-injury, and self-abuse. For example, if parents born in the year of the tiger and snake have a child born in the year of the monkey, it will form the three punishments of Yin-Si-Shen(寅-巳-申).

The punishment shows the severity of the injury. Generally speaking, the effects of conflict are the most severe, followed by punishment, harm, and break. For example, if the conflict is just a quarrel, and harming means injury, then punishment is like a fight. 

In fact, harming has a more deep influence than punishment and conflict. Harming often happens violently, and quickly, and can lead to serious injury. Harming is the root cause of a person’s crime, and it is a social phenomenon in which people harm each other.

There are different forms of punishment as below:

Rat and Rabbit Punishment

Rat and Rabbit Punishment is an unreasonable punishment, which refers to not obey to authority and a lack of human ethics and etiquette.

In Chinese numerology, rat and rabbit means romantic and peach blossom, which represents attractiveness to the opposite gender. Rat corresponds to peach blossoms with plenty of water, and rabbit corresponds to a peach tree blooming.

Tiger, Snake and Monkey Punishment

Tiger, Snake and Monkey Punishment is a punishment relationship without mercy. Unkindness refers to a lack of gratitude and being ruthless. All those people who have three punishments are the most rebellious, thinking they are capable and disobeying others.

Therefore, they have the characteristics of resistance and rebellion. The three punishments relationship is often reflected in the signs about traffic accidents, and people with three-punishment are prone to car accidents.

San Xing

Ox, Goat and Dog Punishment

Ox, Goat and Dog Punishment refer to a punishment that relies on one’s own momentum, when he tortures others, he also hurts himself. The women with these three punishments are rigid, neurotic, easy to hurt the families (parents, children, husbands), and prone to gynecological diseases or abortion, caesarean section because punishment means surgery. If a man has three punishments, he is likely to be imprisoned.

Four self-punishment signs

Self-punishment means troubling yourself, digging a hole for yourself, or self-mutilation, deliberate self-harm, including four self-punishment pairs—Dragon-dragon, Horse-horse, Rooster-rooster, and Pig-pig.

The three punishments may make you have a bad fortune in a certain period, or even lose important things. This is what people usually think of as bad, but after these bad fortunes, your fortune may keep rising. This is what people think of good.

The three punishments are to help people see hidden luck. Sometimes bad is the foundation of good, and good is a sign of bad, so there is no absolute good or bad.

4. Six-break zodiac signs(六破, Liu Po)

The Six-break relationship between earthly branches means scattered, disturb and broken, representing ruthlessness, destruction, corrosion, abandonment, depleted property flaw, etc. If the earthly branches are Six-break, that is, the earthly branches destroy each other, and it also means fighting against each other, but not as serious as six conflicts and six harm.

In clockwise order, count from your corresponding earthly branch to the tenth is the earthly branch that breaks with you. For example, counting from Zi(rat) to ten is You(rooster), and counting from Wu(horse) to ten is Mao(rabbit). So Zi and You are in six break relationship, and Wu and Mao are Six-break too.

Liu Po

We already know that water can make wood, and wood can make fire, but if they are Six-break, the situation is totally different. Water(rat) would not produce wood(rabbit), and wood(rabbit) would not produce fire(horse).

The Six-Break pairs are as below:

5. Others

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