What are five elements


The concept of five elements exists throughout the world. The world is divided into five elements, wood, fire, earth,metal, and water in ancient Chinese philosophy. Spring wood, summer fire, autumn metal, winter water, and four seasons earth/soil.

The Chinese recognize five which arise out of the interplay of yin and yang and represent different manifestations of chi. They represent a classification system for every-thing in the universe, including people.


1. Characteristics

Symbolizes spring, growth and plant life. In numerology, there are two of the five elements of ten days stems, one is Jia wood, the other is Yi wood, Jia wood is yang wood, tall tree;Yi wood is yin wood, vine and flower.
In its yang form, it is supple and pliable, facing the wind, stalwart and tall.
in its yin form as sturdy as an oak.
Yang wood(Jia/甲 wood)

Yang wood(Jia/甲 wood)

Yin wood (Yi/乙wood)

Yin wood (Yi/乙wood)

2. Personalities

Wood people are public-spirited and energetic.
Ideas people, their outgoing personalities win them support. They visualize rather than committing themselves to plans.
Positively – they are artistic and undertake tasks with enthusiasm.
Negatively – they become impatient and angry
and often fail to finish the tasks they have begun.

Yang wood is a straight tree with a straight personality. He will not bend when speaking and doing things. He is stubborn and tends to offend people easily.

Yin wood has a lot of twists and like a willow or ivy, so it reflects that when talking and doing things, he is beating around the bush, his mind is flexible, and he is flexible and quick.

In doing things, he mostly asks Yang wood people to help.

3. The main character of the wood

Characters represented by Yang wood
Leaders, managers, chairman, administrators, generals, marshals, celebrities, capable people, etc.
Characters represented by Yin wood
Doctors, pharmacists, Chinese medicine practitioners, women, gentle wives, artistic talents, writers, painters, scientists, plant researchers, etc.

4. Associations

Trees and plants
Wooden furniture
Landscape pictures


1. Characteristics

In numerology, fire are symbols of light, hope, development, warmth, enthusiasm, and thermal energy.
Fire symbolizes summer, fire and heat.
It can bring light, warmth and happiness
it can erupt, explode and destroy with great violence.
Positively, it stands for honour and fairness.
Negatively, it stands for aggression and war.

There are two fire elements in the ten heavenly stem, one is Yang fire (Bing fire)and the other is Yin fire(Ding fire).
Yang Fire (Bing/丙 Fire) / Yin fire (Ding/丁Fire)

Yang Fire (Bing/丙 Fire) / Yin fire (Ding/丁Fire)

Yang fire is the fire of the sun, belongs to the fire of the sky, and the fire of the extraordinary. The sun shines on a wide range, so Yang fire people are dedicated and are not afraid of losing money. This also means that Yang fire people are more generous and don’t care so much about money.

Yin fire represents the fire of electric lamps, candles, and stoves. In short, it is the ordinary fire in the world. It is not as broad as the radiation of Yang fire, and its heat is not as great as that of Yang fire. Perhaps it is because it is not What is given by God is not free. Therefore, the people of Yin fire are very economical and love to talk about money. Of course, they are also concerned.

2. The main character of fire

Fire people are leaders and crave action. They inspire others to follow, often into trouble, as they dislike rules and fail to see consequences.
Positively – they are innovative, humorous and passionate people.
Negatively – they are impatient, exploit others and have little thought for their feelings.

Yang fire: Powerful and rich people, impatient people, people with management potential, decisive people, energy workers, thermoelectric system workers, aerospace researchers, etc.

Yin fire: Artists, craftsmen, beautiful people, beautiful and affectionate women, talented people, outstanding performers, famous people, sharp-spoken people, etc.

3. The main form of fire element

Yang fire: Round face, red face, plump body, fair skin, less beard, short hair, etc.
Yin fire: White skin, wide forehead and pointed chin, beautiful and high-quality, soft hair, bright eyes, elegant posture, etc.

4. Temperament

Yang fire: Those who love beauty, those who are impatient, those who are short-tempered, those who are just, those who are vain, those who make decisions decisively, etc.

Yin fire: scheming, considerate and human, has strong insight, and is good at distinguishing between good and evil.

5. Associations

Sun symbols
Candles, lights and lamps
Man-made materials
Sun or fire pictures


1. Characteristics

In the five elements, the earth is in the center and is called the central earth. Earth symbolizes the nurturing environment that enables seeds to grow, which all living things emanate from
and return to. It nurtures, supports and interacts with each of the other elements.
Positively, it denotes fairness, wisdom and instinct.
Negatively, it can smother or represent the nervous anticipation of non-existent problems.

In the ten heavenly stems, Wu earth is yang earth, and Ji earth are yin earth. In the numerology,yang soil, dignified and thick, just like the rammed city wall, it represents the character in terms of honesty, reliability, and honesty. Yin soil is a damp soil, symbolizing the soil in the garden, which can produce and nourish all things, and has the magical effect of endless life.

Yang Earth(Wu/戊 Earth)

Yang Earth(Wu/戊 Earth)

Yin Earth (Ji/己 Earth)

Yin Earth (Ji/己 Earth)

Yang earth is firm and heavy, and Yin earth is reserved and low-key; Yang earth is high-pitched, Yin earth is humble; this is the difference between the two. Yinsoil has the characteristics of humility and can raise wood prevents the flooding of floodwaters. The nature of yin soil, is humble and damp. Relatively low-key, not public, not worried about strong wood, Not afraid of too much water.

2. Personalities

Earth people are supportive and loyal. Practicaland persevering, they are a tower of strength in a crisis. They do not rush anything, but their support is enduring. Patient and steady, they possess inner strength.
Positively – earth people are loyal, dependable and patient.
Negatively – they are obsessional and stubborn.

the positive character of Yang earth:
Reliable, open-minded and stable, honest, optimistic, simple, well-organized, emotional, willing to help others.

Negative Personality of Yang earth:
Willful and stubborn, self-centered, not accommodating, boring, unromantic, flattering, good face, not proactive, suspicious.

The positive character of Yin earth:
quick to understand and absorb, with a variety of talents, able to understand the problem in depth, flexible, not stubborn, like to enrich learning.

The negative character of Yin earth:
complex and contradictory in the heart, not easy to concentrate and has a tendency to compromise negatively, and is easy to be used by others.

3. Associations

Clay, brick and terracotta
Cement and stone
Yellow, orange and brown


1. Characteristics

Metal symbolises autumn and strength. It’s nature represents solidity and the ability to contain objects. On the other hand, metal is also a conductor. Positively, it represents communication, brilliant ideas and justice.
Negatively, it can suggest destruction, danger and sadness.
Metal can be a beautiful and precious commodity, or the blade of a weapon.

Yang Metal (Geng/庚 Metal)

Yang Metal (Geng/庚 Metal)

Yin Metal (Xin/辛 Metal)

Yin Metal (Xin/辛 Metal)

Yang metal is rough gold, such as swords, axes, and steel. Yin metal is a small metal extracted through smelting, such as jewelry, diamonds, pearls, and crystals. Yin metal is in soft gold, the shape is changeable, not as hard as Yang metal.

2. Personalities

Metal people are dogmatic and resolute.
They pursue their ambitious aims single-mindedly. Good organizers, they are independent and happy in their own company. Faith in their own abilities inclines themtowards inflexibility although they thrive on change. They are serious and do not accept help easily.

Positively – they are strong, intuitive and interesting people.
Negatively – they are inflexible, melancholic and serious.

Yang metal people are decisive, firm-willed, high-efficiency, high-movement, quick-response, quick-thinking, good at expressing and expressing themselves, precise and direct language, and often very precise when looking at problems and expressing opinions.

Metal people are very smart. Both Yang and yin metal people are smart and capable people. They respond quickly and see things and people with extreme precision.

Yin metal is more eloquent and skilled in speaking. Jewelry is used to decorate and dress up. Therefore, Yin metal people have a typical characteristic that they pay special attention to their appearance. Most Yin metal girls like to dress up, and they will clean up themselves at any time and keep them delicate and tidy. Pay more attention to clothing and makeup, pay attention to quality, and things don’t have to be many, but they must be good. Pursuing material enjoyment, eating and dating like to have an atmosphere and a sense of ritual.

3. Associations

All metals
Round shapes
Metal objects
Door furniture and
White, grey, silver and gold


1. Characteristics

Metal Symbolizes winter and water itself, gentle rain or a storm. It suggests the inner self, art and beauty. It touches everything.

Positively, it nurtures and supports with understanding. Negatively, it can wear down and exhaust. Associated with the emotions, it can suggest fear, nervousness and stress.

Yang water (Ren/壬 Water)

Yang water (Ren/壬 Water)

Yin water (Gui/癸 Water)

Yin water (Gui/癸 Water)

Yang water symbolizes the ocean, rivers, lakes and seas. All rivers, lakes, seas, streams and rivers are ultimately attributed to the sea, so Yang water is the most “big image” of the 10 heavenly stems.

Yin water is a stream, a small river, and raindrops, and Yin water ranks last among the ten ten heavenly stems, and belongs to the five elements of heavenly stems that belong to the “most yin and soft”.

2. Personalities

Water-based people are smart and have ideas. Water people communicate well. They are diplomatic and persuasive. Sensitive to the moods of others, they will lend an ear. They are intuitive and make excellent negotiators. Flexible and adaptable, they view things holistically.

Positively – water people are artistic, sociable and sympathetic.
Negatively-water people are sensitive, fickle and intrusive.

Yang water people like to participate in various social activities, they are popular, they like to make friends everywhere. No matter in life or work, Yang water people like novelty and innovation, pursue novelty, be flexible, changeable, lack determinism, do not like to be bound, pursue freedom and do whatever they want.

Yin water people’s acuity is extremely high, their minds are delicate, sensitive, and calm. Yin water people pay more attention to the feelings at the spiritual level, are prone to sentimentality, love fantasy, and are out of touch with reality.

3. Associations

Rivers, streams and lakes
Blue and black
Mirrors and glass
Meandering patterns
Fountains and ponds
Fish tanks
Water pictures

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