Dragon vs Tiger: Who Would Win in a contest or struggle?

Tigers and dragons are both considered ferocious and extraordinarily powerful opponents. In traditional Chinese culture, it is believed that a fight between a dragon and a tiger will result in serious injury. In folk culture, there is also a saying that the dragon and the tiger should not match together as they will fight each other.

Dragon vs Tiger

Both the dragon and the tiger are capable, strong, aggressive and domineering in character. They like to lead other people. However, whether the Dragon or Tiger people can win and whether they are suitable to cooperate together, still needs to be analyzed in detail.

What is the origin of dragon and tiger fighting?

In fact, the dragon does not exist in real life. It is an ancient mythical beast that appears in various myths and legends, but its true appearance has never been seen in the human world. As a kind of mythical beast, the dragon can go up to the sky and enter the earth, and it can also swim in the sea. It is a god in charge of things in the world.

Tiger is the king of the jungle and the most intimidating and ferocious predator on the planet. Tigers can be seen in the mountains and forests.

Therefore, the dragon lives in the sky and the tiger actually lives on the earth, one is a god and the other is in the human world. Originally, there is no comparison. But in many stories, there are depicts of dragons and tigers fighting.

According to folklore, most of them suggest that dragons are a bit more likely to win the duel. During the dragons and tigers fight, the dragons above and the tigers below, mostly the tigers are the underdog.

Can the zodiac dragon and tiger be together?

Zodiac Dragon and Zodiac Tiger are powerful characters in their respective fields. Both dragon and tiger people have independent personalities and are strict with themselves. They are excellent in both life and work, and often in the role of a leader, hoping that people around them obey their will. 

So can the dragon and the tiger be together? In terms of business cooperation, if the dragon and the tiger are in the same department, they both act as leaders or work together to run a company. As leaders and bosses, it is easy for them to have differences due to the distribution of rights. Instead of forming cooperation, they restrict each other and want to compete for each other’s control. Therefore, in this case, the dragon and tiger are not suitable for being together. But if the tiger and dragon can manage the balance of power, they will be able to achieve great things.

However, dragons and tigers have strong personalities. They prefer to make friends with people who are straightforward and courageous. They do not like people who are weak and have no assertiveness. Therefore, although dragons and tigers have similar personalities, they are easily attracted to each other in marriage and love, and there is a great chance of coming together. However, the break-in period in marriage will last longer than in ordinary families, mainly because the dragon and tiger people are too domineering and want to take the initiative in family life. There are also many differences in some living habits, work and housework time allocation.

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