One mountain cannot fit two tigers?

We often met such kinds of Scenarios: 

“I was born in the year of the tiger, and planning to have a baby in the year of the tiger. Is that ok?” Or 

“My zodiac sign is a tiger and my daughter was born in the year of the tiger too. Currently is planning for another baby who may be born in the year of the tiger as well. Is that alright?”

After all, 2 tigers cannot stay in the same house, cos there is a Chinese saying “One mountain cannot fit 2 tigers”

Two Tigers Fight

This saying went on for generations, and has affected many people over time.

Actually, the saying: “One mountain cannot fit 2 tigers” has little to do with the Chinese astrology readings. It refers to a situation where two dominant and capable persons meet, they will have a hard time listening to the others, hard to compromise, make decisions and move on from past conflicts. 

If there is only one tiger in the family, it is actually quite good, because the tiger is very capable and can bring a steady stream of income and wealth to the family.

However, if there are two tigers in the family, it’s likely to constantly argue. Because most of the tigers have similar personalities and like to lead others. They will lose their temper when things go wrong.

 If the zodiac signs of a family of three or four persons are all tigers, they will inevitably encounter friction after getting along for a long time. Therefore, it is easy to have lots of trouble and cause fights, and the atmosphere at home will be very tense.

If you can’t change the fact that a family of two and three are all tigers, you can improve it through some feng-shui.

Variety of green plants

Various green plants can be used to enhance the home’s feng-shui. Good green plants in feng-shui have the effect of blocking evil and reducing unclean things. It can also effectively suppress people’s emotions, calm down quickly, and ease the relationship with family members. And in the process of caring for green plants, it will increase communication with family members and avoid arguments. Green plants can also improve the mood, it is not easy to lose your temper, and the family will naturally be more harmonious.

Horse-related accessories and decors

Because the horse is well compatible with the tiger, you can decorate some accessories related to horses, which can bring a lot of good luck. Moreover, horses give people a sense of humility and gentleness, which can defuse the evil spirits of tigers. It helps build strong family relationships and strengthen family bonds.

Peachwood ornaments 

If you would like to live in peace and harmony with other tiger family members, you can put some peachwood ornaments. Peachwood ornaments have the effect of exorcism in feng-shui. Long-term wearing by tigers can also have the effect of blocking evil. Moreover, the peach wood will emit some fragrance, which can help the tiger people to calm down and not be too tense. But peach wood ornaments will not have a dramatic effect on your relationships, the best way is to understand and communicate with each other.

Use light-coloured ornament at home

Tiger people are easily excited, so when decorating your home, you should use more light-coloured accessories, especially warm colours of white or light pink. Staying in such an environment for a long time can weaken the aggressiveness of the Tiger people and make their minds more stable.

Tiger can better control his emotions and avoid conflicts with his family. Even if there is a quarrel, it can be quickly reconciled. The use of light-coloured accessories at home can also help improve the sleep quality of the tiger. If the colour of the decoration is too bright, it will inevitably not stimulate the body and mind, and make the family relationship bad and difficult to repair.

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