The Guide to Wearing Red in Your Chinese Zodiac Year

Red colour, represents good luck, bravery and fearlessness, and red also has the effect of exorcising evil and warding off evil. Therefore, it has become a custom in Chinese to wear red in the year of the birth sign. But there are many details to pay attention to when wearing red in Ben-Ming year. Don’t wear the wrong red, it will backfire.

1. First of all, how long is it appropriate to wear red in your zodiac year?

The starting and ending time of the zodiac year is not based on the new year of the solar calendar or the lunar calendar, but on the solar term. The “Beginning of Spring” (立春) is the dividing point. Li Chun is the 1st solar term and falls on either the third, fourth or fifth of February. 

Li Chun beginning of Spring
Li Chun

For example, 2022 is the year of the Tiger, the lunar new year falls on the 31st of January according to the solar calendar. The time of the beginning of spring is February 4th, so the tiger people should wear red from February 4, 2022, to the beginning of spring in 2023.

For a whole year, it is best to wear red on important days and moments to get rid of misfortune and drive away the Tai Sui evil spirit.

2. Does everyone need to wear red in his/her Chinese zodiac year?

Most people in the year of birth sign need to wear red, but it does not mean that everyone needs to wear red. Wearing red incorrectly may cause bad luck and even experience some physical or mental pain or some unexpected occurrence.

For example, for the rat people, the five elements of the rats are water, red belongs to fire, and water and fire are incompatible. Wearing red in the year of the rat would bring bad luck, and may cause people to obstacles in their careers, lack of motivation in their studies, constant trouble in life, emotional twists and turns, and more conflicts among family members.

Some people experienced the loss of someone important in their zodiac year. Then they should not wear red during the period of filial piety. According to Chinese tradition, red should not be worn, as it is usually the symbolic colour of happiness. Wearing red not only will not improve your fortune but may even bring bad luck to you. Therefore, not everyone is suitable for wearing red in their zodiac year.

3. It is best to wear red from the inside out 

Some people think that wearing a red coat or jacket means wearing red, but wearing red is not so simple. It is best to wear red from the inside out.

Inside includes red underwear, and red socks, and outerwear includes a coat, hat, bag, red belt, red string and so on.

Red Shoe Pad

Especially for some little kids, their own aura is weak, It is best to wear more red inside and outside to get rid of the bad luck of their zodiac year.

Wear Red Inside
Wear Red Inside

4. Red clothes given by others

It’s better to have someone give you red clothes as a gift rather than buy them yourself. Your parents, partner, elders, and friends are all good choices. It’s quite nice to give people red gifts who are in their zodiac years, which will not only help those people to better cope with Tai Sui, and drive away evil spirits, but also improve the blessings for yourselves, and get along more harmoniously with family, relatives and friends.

Red Gift Box
Red Gift Box

5. more parties and celebrations

If you want to make the effect of wearing red more obvious, you can attend more parties and celebrations, such as wedding banquets, sip-and-see parties, old folks’ parties, birthday parties, etc.

It can help make you happy physically and mentally and improve your fortune.

Party Celebration Red Ball
Party Celebration Red Ball

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